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Ranch Profile

    Bow Hunters
    Halff Brothers Ranch is an ideal ranch for bowhunters. The Frio river bottom is lushly forested land breaking into the stark beauty of thick brush and rock hills. The ranch also encampasses range land offering lengthy vistas and gorgeous terrain.
    The ranch is divided up into large pastures. We try to rotate which pastures we hunt on to provide less hunting pressure on the deer and to preserve the unspoiled beauty of the land. We stalk and rattle and watch the deer to decipher deer movements and patterns and we hunt from both tree stands and portable ground blinds.

    Fair Chase Hunting
    Fair chase hunting is a challenging and rewarding experience. By its very nature, as a sporting endeavor, not every hunter will have the chance to shoot a trophy animal.
    However each hunter will have an experience that is unique to South Texas and worthy of many fine memories. Our promise is to work with you to provide an excellent quality hunting experience.


    Halff Brothers Ranch has a picturesque base camp.The lodge sits overlooking a small bass fishing tank. We provide complementary tackle with which to relax after an exhilarating morning in the woods.
    The lodge comfortably sleeps fourteen in both private and communal arrangements. We offer a simple, impeccably clean and comfortable environment. The food is excellent and all meals are provided on site. For additional photographs of the Lodge (click here).

Game Profile

    Whitetail Deer
    Deer hunting in South Texas is some of the best in the nation. Halff Brothers Ranch offers free-ranging whitetail deer hunting using simple and time-honored methods. Our guides delight in rattling up deer for the hunter, stalking and trailing and providing the chance for an authentic hunt.

    Rio Grande Turkey
    Turkey hunting offers an adventure unique to game hunting. Due to their keen senses, turkeys are wary and difficult to hunt. The spring hunt is a particularly rare treat, however. With skill and experience turkeys can be brought in with a hand or mouth call and hunters can witness the elaborate mating dances and strutting presentations of the gobblers.

    The lush Frio River bottom with abundant water and hardwood trees, coupled with tremendous amounts of nesting cover and strutting parks in the upland range contribute to maintaining a large turkey population.

    South Texas Hog
    The wild hog is an exciting animal to hunt year round. Feral hogs are crossbreeds between wild and domesticated hogs. There are also strains of Russian boar. Characterized by a longer, leaner body and more ferocious looking face, the Russian hogs have straight tails and keen senses. The various crossed strains provide a wide variety of colors and body styles, which make great mounts. Hogs are legal to hunt year round and provide an exciting off-season hunting adventure.

    For Bowhunters (and rifle hunters) hogs are a difficult game to harvest because their internal organs are lower than many hunters realize. Additionally, they are incredibly strong and can absorb shot after shot if it is not placed properly.

    We have a page dedicated to photographs some of our hogs as well as some photographic illustrations of internal hog anatomy. Our guides are not only expert in guiding hunters but also in making sure that they understand optimum shot placement.

    Halff Brothers Ranch has a small population of South Texas Javelina. Known as the collared Peccary, javelinas are fearless and frequently intimidating.



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April 14, 2006