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AIM LOWER THAN YOU THINK! That's the way to take a hog. With bow or gun, the answer is the same. It's more crucial with a bow, but don't think that gun hunters don't see their hogs run off too. South Texas feral hog anatomy is different than that of a whitetail deer. Look at some of the harvest photos below then click here for instant insight into where you should aim.

Of course there are other ways to catch a fine South Texas hog. Some people, just run right after them. For a story of the wildest hog hunter we know, click here.

More than a Hog hunt. We chase hogs when we go hog hunting in Texas. South Texas hogs are a rare breed. A feral hog is a cross between a commercial hog and a wild hog. Trophy hogs have big tusks. The Russian boar influence can be seen in long snouts. Unlike the long hogs raised for slaughter, on our guided hog hunts you will see all manner of long haired, short bodied, long snouted hogs. Hog hunts on the Halff Brothers Ranch are pure hunting. All you do is hunt, we take care of the rest.



Updated February 23, 2006