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January 13, 2005: Wow, the season just keeps going and going and going. Looking at all the different shapes and sizes of antlers is astounding. Blake Moore harvested a 166 class deer that had tremendous mass and goes almost straight up. Ken Archibald harvested a buck with an elegant and refined curvature which seems to illustrate circles in the air. The variety of the shapes makes it difficult to use the B&C score as the most important criteria of an animal. We continue to have numerous father and son hunts as well as father and daughter hunts. Blake Moore's father surprised him with the trophy hunt this year. He thought that he was on a management hunt with guide Jerry Hernandez. After pulling the trigger he thought he had made a terrible mistake shooting such a massive trophy. It seems that everyone was in on the secret but him. Trophy Quest Inc. brought its cameras down and recorded some beautiful hog and deer footage and harvested a mid 140's class 8 point. It was a unique trophy. One more weekend and the 2004-2005 deer season goes into the history books.

December 26 2004: We didn't have a white Christmas like many parts of Texas but we had frigid weather. The Bucks, Hogs and Turkeys were moving. Between the rut and the weather everything is up for grabs. Nothing sticks to pattern and the big bucks are reckless and crazed. Slamming car doors have brought in bucks this year. Bill Jordan returned to film for his Monster Bucks series and his determination and patience was rewarded with a beautiful deer and great video. We'll make a note when we know its air date. The Hunt of a Lifetime produced a massive 140 class 8 point for Jason as well as a trophy hog. Still lots of program deer and management deer coming off the ranch. With a hard freeze behind us its time to plan our prescribed burns. We've also brought in another 220 calves for our winter steer program. Time to shoot some more hogs to protect the oats...

December 9 2004: The days have begun to pass much more quickly. Thanksgiving came and went. We had much to be thankful for. Trophy hunters, Management hunters and Program hunters are hunting hard. We have had animals taken with Black Powder rifles, Trillings (3 barrel combination guns), Bow and Arrow and the classic rifles. The bucks are coming to horns. Winter migration is bringing many new birds to the ranch. We are about to host a young man who is here for the Hunt of a Lifetime. Makes us all remember to appreciate each day.

Nov 24, 2004: Thanksgiving is almost upon us. We have just had some hunters in helping us improve the herd. The Manager's Program hunts are pure fun. Less stress than Trophy buck hunting but equally as rewarding. Along with a bunch of does and pigs, including a beautiful boar with nice tusks these hunters got to enjoy some brilliant days in the sun.

Nov 19, 2004: We are indeed blessed to have so much rain. The ranch looks fabulous. Mama never yelled at us if we tracked in mud. She might be thinking about changing her mind.
Stalking game with a bow and arrow is a sport for those with a persistent nature. It takes practice, skill and a little luck. Success at harvesting a deer with ancient tools is the great equalizer. Score is suddenly unimportant, the biggest trophy of one's life will fade when compared to a harvest with a bow. Ray Brown succeeded at this task for the first time. It is certainly an accomplishment worthy of congratulations.

Nov 14 2004: The Deer season has started. First weekend we had a group from Louisiana helping with rigorous herd management. Roughly fifteen deer harvested and everyone is happier for their efforts. The first part of the season is often the toughest although this year we have had some cold air move in early.
Today we saw the first buck chasing a doe. Looks like the rut is soon to be here in full force.
We have also had about 1 1/2 inches of rain in the last 24 hours and more forecast for the next week. Trophy white-tail deer hunters arrive tomorrow, should be interesting getting all their gear in a canoe to get to the lodge... Actually a little rain plays to our advantage, we move quieter through the brush and a bit of rain makes it harder for the deer to see.

October 2004: Dove Season has begun and what better way to enjoy a dove hunt than with a challenging hog hunt as well. After the doves have stopped raining down, chasing a big boar with menacing tusks or a tasty little party pig is the perfect cap to a great hunt.The land is lush and the hogs are rooting.
In between hunts we are processing cattle, both stockers and cow/calf pairs. Its a busy time of year, but as the air cools down and we anticipate the crisp mornings - its the best time of year, hunting season is here.



Updated January 14, 2005