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    Among the famous names of pioneer Texans are Mayer Halff, Solomon Halff and Captain Charles Schreiner. Together and individually they controlled vast cattle ranges in Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma from the 1880's until well into the twentieth century. On December 7, 1900 the three of them purchased the Crouch Ranch, in Frio County, Texas from the British American Mortgage Company. Solomon soon conveyed his interest to Mayer. It's 70,000 acres were operated in conjunction with the 50,000 acre Prince Pasture owned by Mayer and Capt. Schreiner as their south Texas ranches. It was tough country operated by established cattlemen.

    Following the death of Mayer in 1905, the Crouch stayed in the families until 1924 when Lena Schreiner Partee and her husband conveyed the Schreiner interests to various members of the Halff and Oppenheimer families, all of whom were closely related. The Oppenheimers were prominent bankers, landowners and ranchers. The ranch operated until 1974 when it was partitioned among family members. The Halff Brothers Ranch of 19,600 acres is an operating ranch, with hunting, cattle, and irrigated farming as components. Ownership is now in the 5th generation of Halffs. It is operated by family members devoted to maintaining their heritage in the land and the family reputation.

    When you choose to visit us, and would like more history on Mayer Halff and on the era in which the ranch came into the family, there is a wonderful book available. Written by Patrick Dearen, it is entitled, "Halff of Texas, Merchant Rancher of the old West". It is available at your local bookseller, and online. Amazon has it. (Click here)


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